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Cyrus Fiene - Founder Cyrus Fiene Team

It was 5 PM, and I was searching for any homes that had come up for sale that day. And I found IT. I found THE HOUSE. The house that was perfect for my buyers. We had been looking for quite some time, and from the moment I saw the photos, I knew this was it. I called my buyers immediately, and we decided to see it together at 7 PM. The thing was, not even three hours on the market, and the seller already received an offer. I couldn’t believe my ears! Three hours on the market, and they already have an offer?!

When we arrived to see the home, I explained to my buyers the situation and I convinced the listing agent and sellers to wait. My buyers walked the home and came back and said, “Cyrus, you were right; this is perfect. What do we do now?” At that moment (around 7:45 PM), I called the listing agent and said, “WAIT, we will get you our offer!” Bear in mind that the other offer expired at 9 PM, so the sellers were anxious to sign. I ran to my car and grabbed my laptop, and tethered it to my phone. I sat inside the house feverishly writing the offer and had my buyers sign right then. We squeezed in our offer at 8:15 PM, and the seller signed our offer at 8:50 PM. We had WON!

My client relationships are built on trust, integrity, and relentless effort to get the job done. I spend hours with my buyers/sellers to understand what they truly want and discuss how I can guide them to achieve it. Whether it is buying or selling, this example above is just one instance of how I go the extra mile, have the skills to move quickly and with precision, and help my clients win.   


I grew up in the greater Seattle area, specifically Edmonds, and attended Seattle University, located on Capitol Hill. Having grown up and worked all around the Puget Sound, from Redmond to Downtown Seattle, I know each community very well. Whether you want a townhouse in Fremont, a house on Mercer Island, or a condo in Bellevue, I got you covered. I speak both English and Farsi (Persian) fluently.


I was recently selected as one of Coldwell Banker International’s top 30 Agents Under 30 for the second time and am ranked in the Top 1% of Coldwell Banker Worldwide with a team selling over $60 Million in Sales in 2021, among over 100,000 agents. On a personal note, I am very involved Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center and have personally helped raised over $30,000+ for cancer research since 2013. I currently sit on the Board of the Innovators Network, a young professional philanthropy group withing Fred Hutch helping encourage giving from the next generation of professionals. 

Send an email or call me! My team and I would love to get to know you and help guide you through the home buying and selling process. 

Monica Church - Agent and Team Videographer

At 7 years old, I vividly remember my dad unboxing the family computer, a PC programmed with Microsoft Windows 95. With the rise of social media, at 12 years old, I learned the basics of coding and built my own website. At 13, I secretly created my own YouTube channel. This started out as a hobby and soon grew into a business by the age of 15. The ‘secret’ was out! Throughout my teenage years, I spent all my free time learning about videography and editing film. This passion inspired my move and decision to study film production at Orange Coast College in Southern California. 


After 4 years in Los Angeles, growing my online presence and video production experience, my love for the Pacific Northwest brought me home to Seattle. Back in the PNW, I continued to produce content for YouTube and turned my practice into a full-time career garnering over 1.8 million subscribers. My online platform has afforded me the opportunity to partner with national and local brands such as: The Seattle Seahawks, Audi, CVS, Coca-Cola, and Samsung. 

I am driven by a passion for storytelling and I believe every home has a story. After buying my home in

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Seattle, I recognize the value of having the support of a real estate agent that is deeply familiar with the local market and process of buying a home-- and loves both! I’m obsessed with fusing my love for architecture, design, renovations, marketing, videography, and the greater Seattle area to support my clients in the home buying and selling process. My online platform offers maximum exposure nationally for sellers, while also offering an intimate and firsthand perspective of Seattle for buyers. 


Whether you're a seasoned local or new to the area, I’m eager to connect. As a child of the digital age, I love connecting with clients through digital platforms. Hey! I even first connected with Cyrus, my now teammate, then real estate agent through Instagram. 


I look forward to supporting the next chapter of your story! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to connect. 


Tarice Fairhurst - Agent 

The first time I visited Seattle, I was taking a quick weekend trip to get away from Los Angeles and had no idea the impact that trip would have on me. Landing for the first time in Seattle, I remember looking out the window at the rain-soaked city and thinking to myself “This is it; this is where I want to live my life”. Packing up my life and leaving behind friends and family was a daunting task, but I knew moving here was the right decision for me.

Since moving here, specifically Kirkland, I have spent my time learning as much as I can about Seattle/Bellevue; what makes each neighborhood special, the hidden gems all over this city, and where I can get the best tacos that can even rival LA. Shortly after moving, I knew I wanted to get involved in the community and with a passion for animal rescue, I’ve been volunteering at Forever Home Dog Rescue in Edmonds every week. I am proud to say that I have fostered with them as well participated in adoption events where I get to see dogs find their forever home each week.

Coming from a background in customer service, having worked at both Lush Cosmetics and

Pandora Jewelry for nearly a decade, there is nothing I enjoy more than genuine connections. I loved being able to work directly with clients and get to know them and their life stories. I know first-hand how intimidating it can be to move to a new state or even a new neighborhood that you might not know much about. I truly believe that there is nothing better than helping someone find the perfect house that they will have so many new beginnings in for years to come.

Thomas Margand - Agent

I remember the search for my first home, as exhilarating as it was daunting. I painstakingly searched through every listing that might meet my criteria. I set up automatic searches and new listing notifications in every real estate app known to mankind.  I poured over lender documents trying to understand every line and account for every penny in the transaction. I found the whole process, details and all, fascinating. Fortunately, I had exceptional help and guidance in my agent, Cyrus. A personal friend before he was my agent Cyrus patiently and thoroughly answered all my questions, kept me updated and made sure I knew what to expect. I couldn’t ask for a better first-time home buying experience.

In the years to follow my questions didn’t stop. I was interested in an investment property and started reading voraciously. I wanted to understand the industry, and the real estate profession. The more I interacted with industry professionals the more I wanted to know. I learned the value that a good real estate agent brought to a client and transaction, and the harm that can be done by a bad one. It soon became apparent that my growing passion and involvement in real estate was more than a hobby. When Cyrus invited me to join his team, I was thrilled to accept.

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My diverse professional background has helped me build a multitude of skill sets to best serve my clients in real estate. My time as a skydiving instructor and professional athlete taught me how to relay complex information simply and concisely, and how to succeed in a competitive setting. Just as importantly it helped me discover that I enjoy teaching and love introducing others to topics I’m passionate about. My service as a US Army Ranger Medic taught me the importance of empathy and how to operate confidently in high stress environments. Finally, my work at Microsoft as a software engineer taught me how to be data driven and leverage new and emerging technologies to gain a competitive edge and make the best possible decisions supported by data.

Prior to entering the work force I completed my bachelor’s degree at The Ohio State University. Since then, I have continued my education by pursuing my MBA at the UNC Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler Business School where I will graduate in September 2022.

Being a great real estate agent means building great relationships and I put tremendous effort into building trust and demonstrating integrity through open and honest communication with my clients. Gregarious by nature and intensely curious I love learning about my clients and their real estate goals. I would love to learn more about your real estate goals and discuss how I can help you achieve them!